Investing in Quality Materials

While economic times may be uncertain, I know one thing for sure:  Investing in quality construction materials gives you greater ROI over the life of your building.

Here’s just one example:

In our trade, we’ve known for a long time that permeable moisture barriers improve indoor air quality, reduce heating/cooling costs and protect against mold, mildew, suspended particles and insects.  It is all about managing airflow and moisture while also creating a frontline defense against the outdoors.

Traditionally, that has meant the use of surface adhered papers, or “wraps”, that are applied with mechanical fasteners.  While this is a good option, which we use when appropriate, installation of the surface adhered papers have long been a race against the elements.  Wind damage and rainfall before the siding can be installed inevitably leaves gaps in the protection of the interior.  Nail or staple holes, along with small gaps in taping and seal joints, add up to thousands of potential moisture entry points.

Now developers/planners have a choice:  A liquid applied weather-resistant yet permeable barrier that is permanently applied and cures to sheathing.  This emulsion technology is engineered to ‘breathe’, block water entry, and be tough enough to hold up to direct exposure to sunlight for an extended period of time.

Once it is applied, the liquid barrier allows trapped vapor to escape while creating a permanent membrane that seals the building envelope, even self-sealing nail holes as the exterior is applied.  This product exceeds national building code requirements and is definitely a viable option to consider in any build.

In this case, that is truly quality that you can take to the bank.